Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More New Books!

Now, along with the first two books, there are two new ones.

All four are available on ETSY.

First, a book of art featuring Historic Ellicott City, and the fifty years that I've painted there.
Second, a new book, about growing up in Ellicott City, before it was famous.
Third, the first Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City book.
Last, the newest Zombie Snowman book.

Both Zombie Snowmen books were written by Jerry Lee Harlowe, and illustrated by me.

Wiley Purkey - Painter of Ellicott City History available here

Madison Snow and Fraser Fir available here

The Legend of the Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City #1 available here

Zombie Snowmen - The Return of the Icy Undead #2 available here

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