Saturday, October 19, 2019

FINAL DAY at the HEC Decorator Show House

Ok folks, tomorrow, Sunday Oct 20th is the last day of the HEC Decorator Show House.
I’ve just received another shipment of scarves and after filling orders, these are the amounts that are available of each one. SO, if you intend to have one or more of these, you must call and place an order with me Sunday, between noon and five. 
The two that are out of stock will be arriving just before Thanksgiving. If you want either of those, you should place an order as they have all been arriving pre-sold each time.
The scarves are $40 each plus sales tax.
The scarves are six feet long. From the top, they are...
The Enchanted Forest
Birch Forest
Winter Panorama
From St Paul Street - Summer
From St Paul Street - Mid-Winter

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