Saturday, September 15, 2018

HEC 2018 Designer Show House

Ongoing until October 21st, and I will be there painting and selling prints, books and original art most weekends for the entire month. Here is more info.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Original Painting Extreme SALE on my Etsy shop

For those interested:

Art, It can be overwhelming...

Although I have a great deal of storage, it's not infinite. And since I am so prolific, the need to do some house cleaning has come along. To that end, I have begun to add paintings to my Etsy shop for $25 each. These sell for between $100 and $125 each, but again, I must clean out. Nine have been sold since this post went up, 23 remain...

Here is the link to the paintings

Monday, September 10, 2018

Wiley Purkey - Painter of Ellicott City History Book - Paperback Edition

My book about the last fifty years of painting images of Historic Ellicott City is now in paperback.
Now, given recent events, this book should be on the bookshelf of every person that appreciates Ellicott City.

Hours of entertainment for a pittance, $20, with FREE shipping!
Heres the book!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The show on Mulligan's Hill is today folks!

This weekend is the Art event on Mulligan's Hill. If you are coming to visit with me specifically, you should attend the opening this evening, 6 to 9. The weather looks clear enough today, and as I am set up outside, today is the best opportunity to visit, as it may rain on Sunday.

That being said, There are eleven other fine artists in the show, and well worth a visit either this evening, 6 to 9, or Sunday, noon to 4. It's all indoors, except for me. There are quite a few of my recent paintings inside, but as many of you know, I also have a large number of prints, shirts, mugs, etc., mostly related to images of Historic Ellicott City, and that is going to be outside

And yes, I will be signing and selling my book, along with the one written by Jerry Harlowe, and illustrated by me.

 Here is more information on the event.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New Book! The Legend of the Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City

Now available!

The Legend of the Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City was written by local author Jerry Lee Harlowe, and illustrated by me. The stories are local, the writing is deadly humorous, and there are over two dozen  illustrations making this a great book to have. Disturbingly cheap at $15, you can order it here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Brush With History Painting Class - The Enchanted Forest Castle

Please join us for our August 2nd Paint & Sip class at the Ellicott City B&O Museum. Attendees will be painting “The Enchanted Forest Castle” on a wooden pallet. The Enchanted Forest is another local institution, now gone. Parts of the amusement park are now at Clark’s Elioak Farm on RT. 108. A drawing will be on the pallet as a guide for painting. All materials and instructions are included in the $35 cost. You may bring your own drinks and snacks.
TICKETS: Click here

Friday, June 29, 2018

Van Gogh Visits Ellicott City - Again

Once again, on the evening of July 5th, I’ll be teaching this popular class. It’s an easy one, and the image is already drawn on the canvas for you. Here is the info.

Only four tickets remain...