Saturday, September 14, 2019

Historic Ellicott City Decorator Show House 2019

Just one week from today, on September 21st, the annual HEC Decorator Show House will be open. I will be there for the entire month, showing my work, and painting in a temporary studio.

Here is a link to the event

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Pop Up Gallery - Ellicott City

This weekend,, Sept. 7 and 8th. TWO DAYS ONLY!
A showing of the work of fifteen selected artists.
And of course I'll be there with plenty of my usual artistic nonsense.

Here is the info...

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Mural Project Update - Historic Ellicott City

Just completed, the top of the mural that will be installed in Historic Ellicott City sometime before the end of the year.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Tickets for the Final Four Brush With History Classes Now Available

Here are the last four in the "A Brush With History" classes that
I will be teaching at the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Museum for 2019.
Tickets are now available by following the links below

The September class is: Painting the Log Cabin and Courthouse

The October class is: Zombie Snowmen in the Ellicott Graveyard

The November class is: Milkshakes at the Forest Diner

The December class is: Madison Snow and Fraser Fir

Sunday, March 31, 2019

finally,... SPRING! and all that comes after

That means it’s time to get outside and paint.

There are so many things to prepare for, and look forward to this year.

With June comes the annual ‘Paint It’ in Historic Ellicott City.

July brings a week long road trip for painting outdoors.

In August the second volume of the Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City book will be released. The title is “The Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City - More Stories of the Icy Undead”. The book is written by Jerry Harlowe, and illustrated by me.

August should also bring the release of my own second book, ‘Madison Snow and Fraser Fir’, yet another book with Historic Ellicott City at the heart of it.

In September, the annual Art on Mulligan’s Hill show, two days of art on the ‘Mountain’.

Also in September, I’ll be returning to the annual Decorator Showhouse, a great local tradition run by Historic Ellicott City, Inc.

October will likely see another Scary party with Zombies as the theme, and yes, I’ll be there and will be bringing the Zombie Snowmen with me.

December may see me at a pop-up shop with my prints, and of course my annual Open Studio event.

So, I’m off to paint, thanks for watching!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

FREE PRINT DAY! Saturday, March 23rd

Join us at the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum on Saturday, March 23 from 1-4pm for an opportunity to talk with local artist and Brush with History program leader Wiley Purkey!

Wiley will be at the museum to showcase his upcoming 2019 Brush with History classes, and he will also have a selection of prints he will be giving away FOR FREE! Wiley has been painting images of Historic Ellicott City for over five decades, and the inspiration for his Brush with History classes comes from these images.

No pre-registration required, just visit us at the Museum!

Here is the event info...

Friday, March 8, 2019

Our Next Brush wIth History Painting Class

We do group painting classes at the Historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Historic Ellicott City on the first Thursday of each month. Our next class is on April 4th.
Here is the info:

Here is the painting that will be done by those attending.
It is the Firehouse Museum in Historic Ellicott City.
And although it may look difficult, it isn’t, and the drawing will already be on the canvas,
you just have to fill it in.