Saturday, January 14, 2017

People Often Ask Me...

"Why don't you have paintings of Oella, or Catonsville, or Westminster?", or any number of other small towns.

What they may not understand is when I paint Tersiguels' Restaurant, I am remembering it as the Howard County Health Dept., and getting that painful Polio vaccine.

When I paint Mulligan's Hill, I remember having breakfast that was cooked by Audrey Hensley on a giant cast iron, wood fired cookstove.

When I am commissioned to do a painting of 1960's vintage Bob's Five and Dime, I remember stealing a bag of penny candy and having my mother make me to return it with an apology.

Nearly every building there has some connection for me, and memories of the folks that lived there.

So, it is up to others that have these same memories in their own towns to paint those same towns,
Historic Ellicott City is mine!

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