Monday, January 16, 2017

Beyond the Storm and Into the Future

As I sit in my studio, just about a month into Winter, I'm feeling contemplative. Every year about this time we are forced to slow down, and take stock of our lives.

With so much time past, we stumble towards an uncertain future, and we become apprehensive. But plunging headlong into the unknown is where we find ourselves. Each one of us is capable of so much, but only if we travel new paths, in our thinking, our lives and how we spend our time.

I am always so excited about new projects that continue to come to me in an unending stream. But before I move forward on any of them, I feel that I must bring a few old projects to an end either by finishing them, or abandonment.

Every day brings new promises, new experiences, new opportunities, but to seize upon them, sometimes we must cleanse our lives of the things that hold us back, which in my case is unfinished projects.

The title "Beyond the Storm" comes from a CD by Tangerine Dream founder, Edgar Froese who died around this time, just two years ago at 70 years of age. Tangerine Dream has been the soundtrack to my own artistic pursuits since about 1977. They continue to inspire me, as good music helps us visualize, at least it does for me.

"We are on the threshold of a dream, so dream a little dream with me, for the best is yet to be.” 

So... Get out there and paint!

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