Sunday, December 29, 2019

Just One More Thing!

As we close in on the last few days of 2019, my mural in Historic Ellicott City was completed just two days ahead of the deadline. It's in a great location, where nearly every visitor walks by to shop in town.

The top section is a composite of views that is taken from a series of drawings done in 1974, and recently painted in acrylics.

The bottom section is based on an insurance map from the late 19th century. It was updated to include building changes made since then, using Google Earth View. Both were combined on an Apple Ipad, using “Procreate” a digital drawing program. Both the upper painting, and the map drawing were digitized and Adobe Photoshop was used to do the final sectional design.

The middle section is a business card holder, with 42 boxes.

All is framed with Cypress wood, which will age to a silvery gray.

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