Sunday, March 31, 2019

finally,... SPRING! and all that comes after

That means it’s time to get outside and paint.

There are so many things to prepare for, and look forward to this year.

With June comes the annual ‘Paint It’ in Historic Ellicott City.

July brings a week long road trip for painting outdoors.

In August the second volume of the Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City book will be released. The title is “The Zombie Snowmen of Ellicott City - More Stories of the Icy Undead”. The book is written by Jerry Harlowe, and illustrated by me.

August should also bring the release of my own second book, ‘Madison Snow and Fraser Fir’, yet another book with Historic Ellicott City at the heart of it.

In September, the annual Art on Mulligan’s Hill show, two days of art on the ‘Mountain’.

Also in September, I’ll be returning to the annual Decorator Showhouse, a great local tradition run by Historic Ellicott City, Inc.

October will likely see another Scary party with Zombies as the theme, and yes, I’ll be there and will be bringing the Zombie Snowmen with me.

December may see me at a pop-up shop with my prints, and of course my annual Open Studio event.

So, I’m off to paint, thanks for watching!

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