Sunday, August 14, 2016

All Roads Lead to Historic Ellicott City

It may seem that our lives are on hold because of recent events, but they're not. Perspectives Art Gallery in Historic Ellicott City, where I often show,  has been uprooted, and they must find a new location. My upcoming show, "Then, Now, and In-Between" has been canceled. But, as cleanup work continues, so do other projects.

So, while I wait for my little corner of the universe to be set upright, my projects continue, at least most of them. I have been working on producing three coloring books of local scenes, 2 are now on hold, the work on one continues. "Ellicott City in the Civil War" has taken a back seat. Some of my early work of the town has come to light, and new prints will be forthcoming.

My appreciation of Ellicott City is at the core of my very artistic existence. If there was no H.E.C. I most likely would no longer paint, If there was no H.E.C. I would eventually move out of Maryland.

I started writing a book about the town at least twenty years ago, and have also been working on a book of my own creative work of town. In my world, projects always swirl around, some land in the real world, some begin and go nowhere, and some are completed.

The current catastrophe is a reminder for me to get moving again on some of those loose ends, so at least one book will once again get "moved to the front burner". Each passing day means less time for us all. Time to focus on what's important.

This self portrait done a couple of years ago shows what I think is important... "Ellicott City Forever".

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